Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Legends of Aveon 9 : The Road to Vexadus

We have often missed that great leap of quality in Indian comic books, one that not only provides us the impetus to build many more lines based on its success but it also satisfies the creative hunger of the eponymous reader. Aveon 9 may be a small step in taking us there. I would not hesitate to say that I haven’t seen such good art in an Indian comic book(if you consider the popular genre), in its complex detailing and depth.

When one looks at such promising art there is often the fear of getting underwhelmed. This book, however, delivers on all accounts, and wins with its confident narration. The plot is essentially Avatar meets Tron meets your standard edition meek protagonist(Harry Potter/The Terminator Kid/Luke Skywalker). The protagonist relying on a strong female character also reminded of a lesser known but brilliant web series called Delilah Dirk.Similarities aside, Aveon 9 is a solid gripping sci-fi tale spanning an epic distant universe. The team at Rovolt is geographically diverse, and the effort shows in the final product which is sleek yet feels familiar and talks to all age groups of readers. The team boasts of internationally renowned names like Ron Marz.

The Good News: Some world-class art(a la Jim Lee), cool sci-fi epic saga, well explained and detailed backstory
Minor quibbles- the romantic plot gets a tad too cheesy at times, the look of few characters tries too hard at an Indian connection.
Verdict: Cheers!

Official Synopsis:
Thousands of years into the future, humans find themselves the masters of a new planet, Aveon 9. While establishing their supremacy, they pissed off more natives than they pleased and of course there were repercussions. Now there is chaos and anarchy all around. The continent of Xanundium torn between three warring human kingdoms of Vexadus, Naugra and Chunargh; is a boiling cauldron of various natives Eyars, Bonakins, Gnorms and Simians all fighting for their own dominance. An eventful journey of  two star crossed lovers and a native with some extraordinary power who have put themselves at a great risk, against the potently evil forces in their bid to achieve a state of peaceful co-existence. In this journey of love, hatred, deceit, passion, greed, trust, friendship, war who will survive as the quest has just begun.


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