Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dr Ajax : Further Adventures

I completed the Dr Ajax series and found all the stories compelling and distinctive adventures in themselves. Since I read Army of Bees first, the first book(Crocodile Man) came later in my sequence but it didn't really affect anything majorly. The stories stand good one shots, and it is interesting that all 4 books have a different artists, it gives a different visual mood each time while the central elements remain constant.

Crocodile Man(Anniswans, Ishan, Surojit)
This story continues the fast-paced writing of this series. Apart from the good overall arc of the case, there were some bits that really struck a chord with me….Ajax’ theory of all fun being away from office, his mind going off when its needed the most then suddenly coming useful in a crucial moment, the cleverly written parts between him and Jack, the supercool anticlimax, and the post conclusion bits really make this a very intriguing series. The way science and real facts are interspersed within a fictional detective story just elevates the whole experience to realistic levels without losing on the fun.

The Invisible Man(Anniswans, Ishan, Hemant)

Scientifically the best story of the series, this one is high on the science aspect. The panels are experimental which lends a unique visual appeal. The story starts with a bang quite literally as we delve into a crazy scientist and his experiments with invisibility. Some well detailed bits about animal camouflaging follow the team as a precious stone gets stolen. Some hilarious witness outtakes follow("like that predator movie"!). The team cracks the mystery in a satisfying finale, and ends with a cool cliffhanger. 

The Hostage Story(Anniswans, Rahul)
This story revolves around the kidnapping of a financial fraud convict as Ajax and his Nano Force are called in for help. We get to some thrilling times as Mark & Monica struggle to put Ajax' ideas to action, overcoming every obstacle and thinking on their feet.

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