Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some great fan-films and web series

Batman : Puppet Master
I couldn't care less for Nolan's Batman but this short film gets all the beats correct, goofiness in place. This is exactly how dark I want my Batman film.

Some great twists, a smooth flowing dialog, great acting make it a well-made Batman film, Nolan or not.
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But I Don't Like Superhero Movies!
This funny short plays smart satire through geeky melodrama, and makes for a hilarious repeat watch with its rehab setting and its great actors. I loved that it doesn't try too hard and respects the geek.

This is the new Bryan Singer web-series which may put its big screen counterparts to shame. Some great post-apocalyptic sci-fi in the vein of I Am Legend along with great potential for all the goods a web series can bring make this a promising and exciting venture to look forward to.

Some more...
Batman : A City of Scars
Y: The Last Man - Fan Film

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