Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sweet Tooth & Jeff Lemire's Bleak World

Sweet Tooth is one of the finest indie titles to have come out from Vertigo, or any other publisher in recent years. It is the bleak road tale of Gus, a boy with confused eyes and a pair of antlers chasing him like fate. The world is much like Animal Man, Lemire's run from the new 52, dystopian, existential, hollow. Lemire lends a gravity and ethos which keeps the book afloat and makes for a breezy read, even though what you read is Class A gory stuff with hybrids being tortured to depressing musings of outcasts.

The book is now nearing conclusion in its 40th volume and is divided into arcs called Out of the Woods, In Captivity, Animal Armies & Endangered Species. I am about to finish the 3rd arc and can't stop just trying to run to the end. This is same kind of response Animal Man evokes and I have lined up Lemire's Essex County next in my stack.

 “SWEET TOOTH is like Mad Max with antlers. . . . spellbinding and offbeat.” –USA

“Like a Coen brothers road-trip drama, “SWEET TOOTH,” by indie comics fave Jeff Lemire, is a fantastic post-apocolyptic comic.” —AM NEW YORK

 “Excellent.” –USA TODAY/POP CANDY

“Jeff Lemire’s amazing postapocalyptic comic SWEET TOOTH: bloody and gentle all at once.” –New York Magazine (Approval Matrix Lowbrow/Brilliant)

“Sweet Tooth is a grabber from the get-go . . . Lemire retains his gift for imbuing ordinary moments with a sense of wonder.” –THE ONION/AV CLUB

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