Sunday, January 22, 2012

DC New 52: Part I

So time to do some DC New 52 countdowns/readups. It’s a mixed bag really.

Detective Comics #1
Great aggressive comic, no B.S., plain old Batman with strong grip on the detective aspect, constant deduction and action. A great Batman comic after long, retains the lucid storytelling, something almost a rare commodity lately.

Action Comics #1
With Morrison behind it, there is hope, but must say, not that impressed.

Animal Man #1
Good story and art, liked the direct tone and ‘Walking Dead’ vibe.

Batgirl#1(Gail Simone)
I kinda liked it, more like a more confident and upgraded Robin, failing and learning on the job, inner conflicts et al.

It is pretty sad that a nice plot gets sacrificed by bad storytelling and poor characterization. Batwing is presented as a ‘Batman for Africa’ but doesn’t really get its act together, really doesn’t stand on its feet. The comic presents some nice ideas but loses them somewhere. Beautiful panels, but it mostly comes off as hollow towards the end.

Green Arrow #1(George Perez)
Quite nice and exciting for 20 pages. Lot of lines, depth(“meat”), a well-balanced book. Just goes to show the potential in this series to explore diverse storylines, even the ones on the periphery of the archetype of dual identity superheroes.

Justice League Int’l #1
Again, not very impressive, given all the set up, feels more like a jaded X-Men arc.

Men of War #1
Not a big fan of the genre, but giving credit where its due, it is well written to say the least.

O.M.A.C. #1
Great action, cool entry of Brother Eye, nice reveals and comic touches. Geeky to the core.

Swamp Thing #1
Lives up to the hype.

Static Shock #1
Feels tiring and long, even though its just 20 pages! Can this one!

Demon Knights & Stormwatch
These are some great titles by Paul Cornell, the first ones I read in this series and would love to revisit them, away from the noise.

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